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We hebben ons opnieuw gepositioneerd van Collective Benefits naar Onsi. Deze inhoud is van vóór onze rebrand, dus je kunt de vermelding van onze oude naam zien.

Introducing our new-look app – redesigned to meet the needs of our members

Introducing our new-look app – redesigned to meet the needs of our members

Introducing our new-look app – redesigned to meet the needs of our members

23 dec. 2022

23 dec. 2022



Our app is the essence of our offering. A handy hub of savings, discounts and crucial information about our members’ protections like a Digital GP and Physio. It’s also the place where insurance claims are made, and important messages from our team are sent to members. 

That’s why it’s so important to us to make sure our app is as easy-to-use as possible. It’s the gateway between what’s available to our members – like insurance protection, big brand discounts, and fuel cards – and our members being able to take full advantage of their benefits.

To keep our app up to date and as intuitive as possible, we have a dedicated research team whose mission it is to find out exactly what’s working – and what isn’t – for our members. 

Read on to find out about our latest app update, and how we got there.

Research: what was working for our members vs what wasn’t

Via a research group made up of a cross-section of our members, we set out to:

  • Find out about the current experience; observing how our members interact with our app 

  • Translate collected qualitative data into potential improvements and new features 

Here’s a breakdown of what we discovered:

Overall impressions? 

Members found interacting with our web app straightforward. But they also said they’d love for things to be even more user-friendly - for example, using fewer words to account for the fact that most of our members don’t have English as a first language - and for there to be more transparency around what benefits were available to them. 

What about deals, discounts and fuel cards?

Members liked the wide variety of deals on offer (our deals cover everything from technology to food to retail), and our fuel discount cards. But they felt it would be great if the vouchers could be made even more convenient to use. They also said they’d love personalised offerings based on their preferences and choices. 

And finally – protections and claims? 

It was relatively easy for members to navigate the page that housed their insurance protections. But they felt there could be more done to help them understand what they’re covered for, and cases where they’re protected by their insurance.

Goals: translating our research into clear objectives

We went through our research with a fine tooth comb, and formulated a plan. We’d redesign the key pages of our app to meet three core objectives.

The new-and-improved app would:

  • Be more transparent – showing members all of the benefits they have access to as soon as they log in, which is especially important for first-time users.

  • Be simpler and easier to navigate — providing easy access to all benefits on a single page; with fewer words, and more imagery.

  • Feel more personal — bringing personal information to the top of the hierarchy, changing the tone of voice to create a feeling of personalisation and care.

Results: a  new design that optimises our members’ experience

This exciting new refresh saw us re-imagining our app’s homepage to make it even more simple to navigate, while showing all useful information up front. 

We also brought all personalised content up to the top of the screen, so members can find things that are personal to them more easily. For example, ‘My Claims’ and ‘My Vouchers’.

We wanted to make sure it was absolutely crystal clear which benefits members have as soon as they log in to the app, too. We felt this was especially important for first-time users. So the homepage now displays exactly what each member is covered for and has access to in one birds-eye view.

Members can seamlessly switch between the different sections their protections and benefits fall under – insurance, health and savings. 

We’re really pleased with the results of our re-design – woohoo! 🎉 Overall, we’re confident members now:

  • Are able to understand the core information they need to know much more easily, with  a simpler member experience and journey.

  • Have much greater awareness and understanding of the benefits they’ve been provided by the platforms they work for.

  • Can discover and access benefits more seamlessly, with a tailored experience that feels way more personal.

Mission accomplished, for now 😉We’re always working on changing and improving our products with member needs and feedback top of mind - and going forward, will continue to learn from our members to make sure our products meet their needs. 

If you’re a business reading this 🤓, and would love to know more about how we can help you attract and retain great flexible workers, you can learn more about our products here.

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