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Five tools to help companies recruit great flexible workers

Five tools to help companies recruit great flexible workers

Five tools to help companies recruit great flexible workers

14 sep. 2022

14 sep. 2022



Looking for ways to cut down recruitment costs, streamline hiring processes, and find brilliant flexible workers that help your business thrive? 

You’re in the right place! Thanks to today’s tech – fast, successful recruitment of hourly, temporary and flexible workers is more achievable than ever.  Just look at the success of Elder, who achieved a 65% increase in applications in six months with the right strategy.

Here are some seriously game-changing platforms and tools that help with everything from hiring at scale through to keeping workers engaged through onboarding👇


For hiring & vetting hourly workers at scale

Fountain helps companies hire and screen hourly workers at scale. It was created back in 2014 to solve the problem of traditional applicant tracking systems only really being useful for salaried employees.

  • Advanced sourcing functionality and professional services help you find and hire the right candidates. 

  • Data insights increase your efficiency and save you money and resources.

  • Automated applicant workflows mean you can hire faster. 

  • Intelligent and automatic applicant filtering screens applicants and moves the right people through the pipeline faster.


For gamefied skills assessment and unbiased hiring 

Pymetrics is an innovative soft skills platform that uses data-driven behavioural insights and audited AI to create a more efficient, effective, and fair hiring process. It caters to high volume and hourly worker hire needs really with some brilliant case studies to boot.

  • A system that prioritises roles based on soft skills and hard skills matches increases hiring effectiveness for high volume and hourly worker hires.

  • Gamified behavioural assessments and objective cognitive data make finding candidates with genuine potential much more likely.

  • Customised ‘top talent’ algorithms for your company allow you to future-proof your hiring process.


For faster, more accurate global background checks and identity services 

Sterling provides global background checks and identity services for enterprises. Through combining a mix of best-in-class cloud technology, deep market expertise, and industry-leading automation, the platform streamlines processes around hiring, onboarding, and monitoring employees.

  • A combination of the latest technology and expert insights result in faster, more accurate criminal record check results.

  • Screening capabilities in more than 240 countries and territories drastically speeds up accurate international background checks.

  • Sterling Concierge Service sees a dedicated screening expert assigned to individual applicants to make sure they provide all the relevant information – so info is captured quickly and correctly. 

  • Lots of other robust screening services generally enhance and improve the hiring and onboarding process – including social media searches, reference checks, and workforce rescreening. 


For sourcing high calibre flexible workers with professional & managerial experience 

Timewise is a flexible working consultancy organisation that helps businesses both define their flexible worker offering and source high calibre flexible workers. Its recruitment tools and services help you get your job roles in front of dedicated professionals who prefer to flex.

  • Expert consultancy from a highly experienced organisation helps you get your messaging right and create the perfect flexible job roles.

  • A focus on high calibre candidates helps you find skilled professionals for a range of roles.

  • 71% of candidates have managerial or professional experience, and 68% are graduates.


For keeping flexible workers engaged through onboarding

eduMe offers mobile training for deskless workforces, and can help you onboard your workers 70% faster with a 4-times increase in completion rates. The efficiency-boosting platform has been used by big name on-demand companies like Uber, Wolt and Deliveroo.

  • A memorable, concise onboarding experience engages workers from the get-go. 

  • Scaling and automating operations means you can employ less training staff and still deliver exceptionally high quality onboarding to an infinite number of new hires.

  • High velocity, bite-sized training grabs and holds the attention of new hires, and significantly minimises churn.

  • The use of quizzes, GIFs, and engaging content improves knowledge retention and new hires’ performance.

Hiring flexible workers: final thoughts

Hiring great flexible workers doesn’t have to feel like taking a shot in the dark. The above platforms can help you source, hire and retain dedicated individuals who are the perfect fit for your company goals and ethos. Bingo. 

Want to learn more about recruiting flexible workers? Our guide to reducing applicant drop-off rates with a killer applicant comms strategy is a great place to start.

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