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Stuart extends successful Collective Benefits programme to include insurance for Stuwies 🎉

Stuart extends successful Collective Benefits programme to include insurance for Stuwies 🎉

Stuart extends successful Collective Benefits programme to include insurance for Stuwies 🎉

9 nov. 2022

9 nov. 2022



Stuart – Europe’s leading last-mile logistics platform – has just launched an extended insurance programme for its couriers (better known as ‘Stuwies’!). 

The insurance, provided by us here at Collective Benefits, comes as an add-on to an already thriving Collective Benefits savings programme. Stuwies are now financially covered if they are unable to deliver due to an accident, sickness, bereavement, or the welcoming of a new family member. 

Stuart: revolutionising the future of on-demand logistics 

Stuart is a real pioneer in the on-demand logistics space, and has been revolutising the way goods are transported in cities since 2015. 

Launching an extended insurance programme closely aligns with its commitment to forging a last-mile logistics landscape that is more sustainable for our world and the people in it.

A thriving savings programme…

Through partnering with Collective Benefits, Stuart has already provided a super successful savings programme to over 20,000 Stuwies. 

The programme includes discounts at big name supermarkets, shops and brands like Asda, Cafe Nero, Vue Cinemas, Samsung, PureGym, Sports Direct and tons more. Plus, a free fuel card for discounted fuel.

The result?

  • 20k+ Stuwies have access to Collective Benefits

  • 87% of Stuwies say Collective Benefits is easy to use

  • 84% of Stuwies highly value their deals and discounts 

“I feel the best thing a person can have is brilliant savings and great deals to look out for. The feeling that you get when you save on everyday items – what more can you ask for in life?” – Yaw 

“It’s an amazing app that offers such good deals across all the categories. I am happy to use this app.” – Nidal

…made even better with bespoke insurance benefits

Doing the right thing has never been optional for Stuart. Introducing this programme aligns closely with its commitment to providing fair conditions for its couriers, an initiative developed through its work with Fairwork.  

When looking for a new insurance provider, Stuart wanted to offer Stuwies the best protection from a health & safety standpoint, and ensure that it was widely available. We were able to cover both points - thanks to our commitment to optimising the courier experience, engagement campaigns to increase awareness and innovative usage-based pricing which allows for more flexibility on coverage.

Stuart’s new programme introduced access to financial cover if a courier is unable to deliver due to sickness, welcoming a new family member, bereavement alongside accident insurance, so Stuwies are covered in more areas of their lives. The courier experience is a central part of the programme - which will ultimately lead to better financial wellbeing through increased awareness and ease of making a claim. 

The best-in-class insurance programme includes: 

✅ A super-fast and stress-free claims process for Stuwies 

✅ Market-leading comms and engagement 

✅ Unbeatable data and insights for ongoing optimisation

Most importantly, the programme means Stuwies can take the time they need to recover from an illness, grieve, or welcome a new family member, without worrying about money.

Of course, increased Stuwie awareness of the programme was a goal from the get-go. And in just a few months, the feedback has really shone a light on the difference it has made to Stuwies’ wellbeing: 

“This is a new experience that I have never had with any company. I am very pleased to be part of the Stuart team #GoStuart.” – Deivid S, 

“Peace of mind makes me work with no worries on the road.” – Thaigo

“[Being protected by Collective] feels good as you know there is a company supporting you and helping us with perks that we appreciate a lot, thank you!” – Ibrahim

“It [Collective] gives me a sense of community and understanding.” – Wayne

It’s so amazing to see the positive impact the Stuart and Collective Benefits partnership is having on Stuwies! 

Here’s to a happier, healthier, and better looked after global on-demand team. Hats off to Stuart for being one of the trailblazers to lead the way! 🎩

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Image source: Stuart

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