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An exciting new partnership: Gopuff brings a ground-breaking fuel programme to delivery partners and store team members

An exciting new partnership: Gopuff brings a ground-breaking fuel programme to delivery partners and store team members

An exciting new partnership: Gopuff brings a ground-breaking fuel programme to delivery partners and store team members

Jun 15, 2022

Jun 15, 2022



We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Collective Benefits and Gopuff. Gopuff is the go-to instant commerce platform, fulfilling consumers’ evolving, everyday needs across the US and Europe. 

In an innovative move, they’re going to be providing those who earn with Gopuff with a new perks programme that will significantly cut their fuel costs as well as access to a wide range of deals and discounts at major brands, including Apple, Halfords, Currys, and Nike. 

UK Gopuff gives delivery partners and store team members access to cheaper fuel across major brands and supermarkets

With their new easy-to-use Gopuff fuel programme, delivery partners and store team members will get a fuel discount at major brands and supermarkets, like Shell and Esso. They’ll also be able to access fuel on a simple buy-now-pay-later scheme. The programme goes one step further too - giving access to a free fuel finder tool that shows them where the cheapest fuel in their area is at any given time. So they can always find the cheapest deal.

The partnership comes at a critical time. Fuel has risen at its fastest rate in the UK since records began in 1990, with petrol going up by 12.6p per litre and diesel by 18.8p per litre in the past year. This makes for really tough circumstances for workers who are widely reported to be struggling to make ends meet because of this sharp rise in their daily fuel costs.

That’s why it’s a relief to see businesses like Gopuff taking substantial measures to help people who earn with Gopuff, deal with this crisis. 

Here’s a closer look at the Collective Benefits perks programme:

They’ll get discounted fuel at all major brands

Delivery partners and store team members will get a free fuel card that gets them a discount on fuel at all major fuel brands and supermarkets.

They can buy fuel now, and pay later

Those in the programme will also be able to use their fuel cards to buy fuel on a monthly credit system. So they can fill up their tank for work and choose to pay conveniently in one single bill at the end of the month.

They can find the cheapest fuel, always

Gopuff delivery partners and store team members will get access to a free fuel finder tool provided by Collective Benefits. It’ll show them exactly where the cheapest fuel prices are near them, so they can always get the best deal.

We think this is a particularly useful feature for those who might be used to filling up at the nearest station to them, or a trusted brand. It really will give them the chance to make regular savings, simply by checking the tool to see live fuel prices on a daily basis. 

Helping delivery partners and store team members with the cost of living crisis with big-brand deals & discounts

Through their new Collective Benefits programme, Gopuff delivery partners and store team members will also get access to discounts that help them save money everyday – whether that’s to buy groceries through the week, upgrade or repair their vehicle, or take their kids to the cinema. Some of the discounts they’ll benefit from include:

  • Everyday utility bills including groceries (4% on Asda, 5% on Sainsburys)

  • Lifestyle items (10% off Adidas and Nike, 40% off Cinemas)

  • Big ticket items (6.5% off Currys, up to 10% off Apple) 

  • Plus lots more discounts for items and services spanning mobility, technology, shopping, entertainment, sports, finance, and food and drink

It’s these daily deals and discounts that get to the heart of what we aim to achieve at Collective Benefits – to help workers feel more financially secure, and to feel as cared for as they would if they had a permanent contract. 

As the current cost of living crisis deepens, focusing on improving the earning potential and general wellbeing of tho couldn’t be more crucial. News reports show that workers who were previously loyal to one platform, for example, are having to branch out to many more to make ends meet. That’s not to say workers using multiple platforms is a bad thing. But it’s a business’s prerogative to want to capture a loyal segment of the on-demand worker pool – one that, in prioritising their platform, helps them offer a more streamlined, efficient service for their customers.  

We know that offering real, tangible perks can be extremely powerful when it comes to retaining loyal workers. In fact, evidence shows that flexible workers would rather have a lower paying job with benefits than a higher paying one without. 

Considering all of this, it’s brilliant to see companies like Gopuff taking a holistic, forward-thinking approach to worker wellbeing.

Interested in hearing more about the fuel card programme? Click here.

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